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Creative, Innovative, Trendy. The hallmarks of a successful fashion design. At Torregrosso, our aim is to give individual stylists, as well as fashion brands and agencies the freedom to create with confidence.

Torregrosso is a novel trend forecasting consulting agency that provides clients with the inspiration needed to create. Our team of analysts and forecasters help fashion brands identify shifts in fashion preferences that enable them stay ahead of the curve with innovative products that meet market needs. 

Leading the Pack with Data

Over time, we have established healthy business relationships with clients across the fashion,lifestyle and interior industries. We employ our observation and interrogation skills which are  essential in our display of cultural triangulation, an exceptional technique in fashion trend forecasting.

Based on carefully collated and analyzed data, we develop unique masterpiece designs that creatively tell your story and match your individual brand identity.

Torregrosso Creative Design Services

Our Creative Design Services at Torregrosso are designed to work guide you from the concept phase all the way to the styling, design and presentation
phase. To that end, our services are divided into:

Trend Forecasting

Concept Design

Fashion Illustration



Roots from the home of fashion

Built and established in New York, Torregrosso traces its roots back to Italy – the fashion capital of the world. With a clear and strong knowledge of the fashion industry at its most brilliant best, we aim to provide companies with the inspiration and guidance needed to scale.

Fresh, futuristic ideas

Over time, the ideas of an in-house team could grow stale and sub-consciously fall victim of simply adopting the trend. Conversely, our team is structured to work with a variety of trend forecasting companies, using state-of-the-art data collection and tracking processes to get brands ahead.

Maintain brand identity

Our goal is to provide you with information that allows you stay true to your uniqueness, while incorporating cultural movements into your style. As external consultants, we constantly offer you data-driven and experience-based fresh concepts.

Inspirational guidance

We offer inspirational tools for fashion, lifestyle and interior companies, providing vital guidance when for brands looking to creatively tell their stories, or brands seeking the next big seasonal design.


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