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Summer fashion 2021: what’s trendy this year

Summer is in the starting blocks and finally wants to go. But something else is needed for this? Right: the right clothes. With summer fashion 2021, you can put the playful, serious woman in the limelight: Skin-tight is replaced by wide XL cuts, broad shoulders, and flying fabrics. The focus is on details such as shoulder pads, balloon sleeves, and eye-catching patterns. In this article, we’ll tell you what your wardrobe needs to be ready for the coming season.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the hottest summer fashion in this country?

In terms of colour, this year’s summer fashion is based on nature. The trend colours remain red and pink – bright red tones of a sunset – best combined with one another. You will also find fashion in the blue of the sea, in the green tones of the forest, or the earthy tones of a sandy beach in beige and cream. The natural tones work particularly well on slightly tanned skin.

Animal dots: These prints have it all


You remember the animal print from last year. The good news: You can still wear zebra, puma, and co. This year too. Orsay has designed its own collection of zebra and leopard dots that you can use to spice up your wardrobe with a few new pieces.

You will also encounter polka dots in the street cafes this coming summer. Large and small dots decorate blazers, dresses, and tops. But the pattern mix with dots and stripes can still be worn with a clear conscience. The more colourful and mixed, the better. It can be shimmering materials that play with the light for the evening hours and thus attract attention.


Leather, tulle, and crochet look: the must-haves of summer



Tulle, pleated, and organza fabric, which we otherwise only know as packaging for friendship and engagement rings, are part of the summer fashion trends. In the trendy fashion shops, you will find more and more tops or blouses with organza sleeves.


You’ll see leather pieces a lot this summer, either as matrix cardigans or as blazers. The material is no longer used for wicked clothes, but mainly for more masculine and wide-cut tops and trousers. Also – you have to like it – crochet tops are worn this year. Self-made lace tops with crochet appliqués and dresses made of seersucker are finding their way into the wardrobe of fashion-conscious women.

From tight and stuffy to wide and airy: maxi dresses are trendy



Good news, girls. Instead of skin-tight, the 2020 clothing trend is maxi. Wide cuts, flying fabrics that play around the figure, and eye-catching prints are hot in the summer. An absolute must-have is tea dresses that were worn in 19th century English society. Wrapped and knotted dresses as a reminiscence of the 80s have again reached the designers’ latest collections.


Crop tops: back on track



Belly-free tops as a flashback of the 90s are available in different versions: from extremely close to just above the navel or hips. These crop tops are best combined with high-waisted jeans.


Stylish overall for your Summer of Love



Do you love it comfortably, but at the same time, don’t want to slip away in fashion? Then the utility overall with patch pockets and masculine cuts is your garment for this summer. The overalls this year have workwear colors like beige, brown, and olive and are combined with narrow belts to create a silhouette.


Extravagant cardigans dominate summer fashion



In the past, they were only secretly thrown on in the office, now they are socially acceptable: XXL cardigans, among others, with voluminous sleeves in knitwear or in a hot leather look. The oversize cardigans can go down to the back of the knees in the matrix style.


These boots are made for walking: we wear these shoes in summer!



Patterned and white boots are the trend for changeable days. You can wear them wonderfully with skirts, shorts, and dresses. When it gets hot outside, you can stroll along the boulevards and promenades in strappy sandals. The trend towards sandals with quilted patterns is also spilling over to us from the big fashion capitals. Plus, you’re not doing anything wrong with Plateau this year either.

The Big Short: Shorts go feminine



For a long time, shorts were only for men. Now they are worn by everyone. They are combined as short trousers with blazers or in a sporty look with a T-shirt or top. We can only say: Finally!

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