Concept Design Consultant


How do you make sense of future trends identified during forecasting? How is this information transformed into the styles that place you ahead of the competition, making you a favorite of the trend as it sets in?

Enter Concept Design!

Our concept design team ensures that identified trends are brought to life before your very eyes. We don’t need you worrying about the mass of data and its interpretation. Instead, we see our forecasting process to its end by developing concepts that match our forecast.

Innovative Concepts by a Creative Team

Our highly creative team of concept designers work closely with you, as well as our merchandising teams to breathe life into our forecasts. The concept design team takes into consideration your brand identity, when developing a concept that tells your story.

Ultimately, the same observed trends lead to varying concepts for different brands. Observed trends are applied to your own unique theme. 

Our Concept Design Process

The Torregrosso concept design process is a multi-faceted process that delivers unique outputs for different brands. This process roughly follows the structure:

          Research: The concept design team dives into your brand history, studying design concepts from your past to make out your unique brand identity.

         Sketch: Design ideas are formed and silhouette sketching is used to bring these ideas to life. The design process may be applied to any design, including statement pieces, seasonal designs, specific detailing, and coloring.

        Documentation: To allow you fully take advantage of the information put together by our team, trend books are developed. These books visually describe the entire process from concept identification to product presentation .

Make your Dream Concepts a Reality

Not sure what exactly you want? Torn between multiple concept ideas? No worries! Our overarching desire is to convey your vision in the simplest, most sophisticated manner imaginable.

We select the best concepts using data-driven insights. We have also put together a complete team with a blend of unique creative talents to follow through with the entire creative process, marrying quality research with an innate ability to strike a chord using carefully selected shapes, styles and colors.

Ready to put together your style book for the future? Say hello and we can schedule a session to discuss your needs and vision.