The Torregrosso styling process is designed to take your concepts from innate ideas on paper to a fully formed masterpiece to be used for any occasion. We help you establish a genuine fashion style out of your desired concept.

Transcending fashion

Over many years of practice, we have cultivated an approach to styling that is simple, timeless and effective. A process that transcends cultures, shapes, sizes and seasons.

With our fashion sense firmly rooted in the Italian culture, and refined here in the United States, we’ve mastered a process that turns ideas into a comfortable, attractive and smart reality for our multi-cultural, cosmopolitan client base.

Taste the conscience behind the art

Every artwork ever made has a soul of its own. From cradle when it was merely an idea in your head, to when the concept was fully formed as a sketch, styling puts together the brains and the bones to give you a living, breathing piece of art.

Whether you’ve got an already designed concept you simply want to give a soul, or you need us to give life to the ideas in your head through our concept design process first, we’ve got you covered.

A guided process

The key to the Torregrosso approach is you. Our desire to transcend your expectations at every turn drives us to keep you close to us throughout the journey. We constantly receive your invaluable input, transform that input based on actionable data, and work closely with you to develop the final merchandise.

Ready to turn the image in your head into a living, breathing piece? Schedule a session with us and walk us through your vision, desires and passion. Sit back. Relax. And watch us sprinkle your vision with the stardust it needs to become a golden charm.