Trend Forecasting Consultant


Experience backed by data is an invaluable source of guidance. Our trend forecasting service at Torregrosso is designed to give you just that guidance to direct your creative juices aright. We offer you the level of fresh-thinking that unclogs the production chain.

A Record of Excellence

We have built a track record over the years of working closely with global style and fashion brands to chart the path of the future. Our excellence is built on a desire to collaborate with a network of consultants, ensuring our ideas never become one directional and bland.

Today’s Data for Future Trends

Torregrosso forecasting service gives you a peek into the mind of today’s consumer, and the wishes of tomorrow’s consumer. With combined experience pooled in from our team and partners, we are able to tell the story of the future by studying the data of today.

Our Trend Forecasting Process

The Torregrosso trend forecasting process is designed to assist you at any stage of the design process. A typical start to finish trend forecasting process involves:

·       Research:  We conduct in-depth concept and trend analysis for forecasting and consulting platforms in the fashion, lifestyle and interior industries. Our concepts are creative enough to resonate a macro or micro trend in the relevant sectors.

·       Create: Armed with deep cultural, socio-economic, technological and behavioral research, we work two seasons ahead to create fashion and style concepts for the future. We also look for ways to constantly improve existing concepts in line with future trends.

·       Visualize: From images to creative illustrations and text, our inspirational mood boards are a collage of burning ideas. This visual layout brings to life our concepts for easy reference by our design team.

As visionaries in the fashion and styling industry, we ensure all of our clients fully understand the insights we derive from forecasting. We only succeed when you evolve your style to keep you well ahead of the curve.

Through strategic planning sessions, built upon thought-provoking forecasts and carefully presented insights, we drive our clients to the next level of futuristic innovation.


Ready to take the leap from reactionary to proactive? Get in touch with us and we can discuss your unique needs and targets.